Our understanding of coffee is broken

Coffee is ubiquitous. Without it, most of us would miss it, greatly. The vast majority of us in the US drink it every day. On average we (as Americans) drank two cups of coffee per day between 2011 and 20191, that’s so much coffee. It’s the most popular beverage in the world, second only to water. I could sit here and regurgitate more coffee facts but I think you already know how important the beverage is, you drink it every day.

My relationship with coffee up to this point in my life was a black one, French Roast to be exact. My parents are both black coffee drinkers so through them I came to love it. All throughout high school and college I drank dark roast coffee via a Keurig or drip machine, without creamer. I didn’t think anything of it, this is what coffee tasted like.

It’s 2017, enter this video. If you can ignore the shameless product plug at the end, Yaron has a message that really resonated with me, coffee goes stale. I had no idea.    

So big deal, I’ve been drinking stale coffee my whole life and nothing bad has happened yet, why care?

Enter fresh, specialty coffee. Boom. Nothing like anything I’d ever tasted. The difference between freshly roasted specialty coffee and stale grocery store coffee was night and day. Now it was time to make a choice. Jump into the vast fragmented world of specialty coffee or stick to what was familiar? The moment kind of felt like this. I knew I had to dig deeper. I took the red pill. I was beginning to believe.

Armed with my two new experiences; (1) coffee goes stale after about 2 weeks2 and (2) specialty coffee tastes miles better than traditional coffee, I took off to learn more about what makes a great cup of coffee.

After a ridiculous amount of research and preparing, Gripps Coffee came to life. Armed with our knowledge of what makes a great cup of coffee and what takes away from it, we developed our mission.

Gripps Coffee is a simple idea designed to solve the problem of bad coffee. 26.5 million 60-kilogram bags of coffee are sold to the US every year and 95% of it becomes stale grocery store coffee. We combat this by buying the finest organic coffee in the world, roast it to perfection and ship it to you the day after we roast it. All at a reasonable price.

To better coffee,

Alex Garrett


  1. https://www.statista.com/statistics/456360/total-us-coffee-per-capita-consumption/
  2. It depends on the bean and how it’s roasted. For our sake we stick to 2 weeks because we see that as about the average

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