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Customer Reviews

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Brooke Miller

I just had to leave this here... I feel like I have tried every coffee under the sun. I decided because I intermittent fast that I was going on a hunt for a good decaf so I had a little something to look forward to at night. I battle insomnia so I know I needed a decaf. Lately I got a new breville machine and have come to love americano's as I can tast the true notes of coffee and have tried many coffee brands of various sorts. I did another google search and it led me to Gripps. Reading up on the concept of how they roast the coffee and have it shipped out in a timely manner so the customer can enjoy the full benifits of the taste due to its freshness had me sold and I had to try. Now every night I look forward that one cup of coffee. It truly is the best brand thus far on the market and the notes are so rich, sweet and pronounced. I kid you not when I say BEST COFFEE EVER!!!

john toomey
A full-body cup!

I find it sometimes difficult to source quality, decaf coffee, esp. not solvent-extracted versions, so I was thrilled to find this dark roast from Gripps. From the moment the seal is broken, the rich, deep, full-body aromas portends the cup this coffee will make. I typically brew my coffee in a French press @ 60g/L, but I have also used these beans in a Moka pot and an espresso maker, all of which produce a rich, full-bodied, dark, cup of coffee with a silky mouthfeel, and low/no smoky/bitter/ashy notes.

It has quickly become one of my favorite dark roast, Swiss water processed decafs. I look forward to Gripps adding back a light/medium roast decaf in the future.

Farmer: Valle Jalca Grande Committee
Location: Nicaragua and Peru
Notes: Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Oak
Feel: Dark & Bold
Roast level: 3
Our darkest roast, the Industrialist is one black cup of coffee. Made with the classic dark roast drinker in mind, we wanted to bring out every bit of dark chocolate and caramel these beans had to offer. These beans were decaffeinated through the Swiss Water Process using no chemicals; just water, temperature, and time.