The Gripps Coffee Philosophy

Our coffee is fresh.  

Coffee can go stale within the first two weeks of its roast date.  It's a live food, like bread and bell peppers, but it's not treated that way.

It won't kill you to drink stale coffee, but why would you want to? We combat this by shipping your coffee the week it's roasted. 


Our coffee is roasted to perfection. 

We don't buy cheap coffee and roast the $#%! out of it. 

All of the coffee at Gripps Coffee is graded as specialty coffee, which can be quickly defined as coffee that has more stringent considerations than commodity coffee (more on that here).  Our master roaster has been trained to bring out the unique qualities of each bean by paying close attention to the amount of heat, air flow and time spent in the roaster.  Like people, every coffee is different and each one needs its own considerations to thrive. 


Our coffee is organic. 

Conventional coffee is one of the most chemically treated crops on the planet. We believe in a clean, honest and natural cup of coffee.  

Coffee can be filled with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. We recognize that not only is this bad for your body, but also, it's bad for the planet. Much of the food we eat today is fresh and organic, why don't we demand the same from our coffee?


Our coffee is an everyday staple, not a luxury product.  

We drink coffee every day because we’re coffee drinkers.

We don’t need to be elitist over coffee varietals. We just want to drink fresh, organic and amazing coffee that’s also affordable. We don’t think that’s asking too much and we believe it doesn’t need to be anything more than that. 

You’re a coffee drinker because you use coffee to build the life you want to live in. We want to be a part of that by giving you your favorite tool to get the job done: better coffee. 



Below you'll find an infographic that explains the change that we're trying to make in the coffee industry. Roast-to-Brew time is everything in coffee, it gives you that undeniably delicious cup, every sip. Our goal is to give you the freshest cup possible while improving the efficiencies in the coffee supply chain, thereby cutting down on gas emissions. Take a look: