Our Story

Gripps Coffee is a company that believes in delivering a better cup of coffee to its members.  We're a small team based in Southern California working hard to supply our customers with an honest and thoughtful cup of coffee for members.  

I started this company because I saw huge problems:

Stale coffees sitting on shelves for months before being sent to retail locations.

Horribly roasted, poor quality coffee bought from farms where the families who operate them struggle to make a sustainable living wage because giant monopolies demand cheap prices. 

Over-priced and elite specialty coffee cafes that care more about touting their knowledge of coffee rather than caring for the customer.  

Coffee covered in chemicals and pesticides to ensure supply is kept in order to meet demand.  

Non-recyclable K-Cups littering the Earth, destined to sit in landfills for centuries.  


Gripps Coffee is a simple and delicious solution to these problems. Inspired by our Gripps Coffee Philosophy, we’ve curated a network of experts to deliver an honest, thoughtful and better cup of coffee for our customers. 


I hope we live up to your expectations and I'm glad to hear that you've decided to invest in a better cup of coffee =). 

Alex Garrett

CEO, Founder