How We Do It

Specialty Coffee

All of the coffee at Gripps Coffee is graded as specialty coffee. Specialty coffee can quickly be defined as coffee that has more stringent considerations than commodity coffee. We believe that specialty coffee tastes better so we treat our supply chain different than other coffee companies. 

Our Supply Chain


Our import partner travels the world developing relationships with coffee farms. These coffee farms present their crop to our importer who then decides if the beans meet our taste.

Once our importer decides to buy a container of unroasted coffee beans, we bring the bags to Southern California to be stored and pulled for roasting.  

Then the true magic happens. Our master roaster studies the unique qualities of the green coffee beans and assesses the best way to roast the coffee. This is arguably the most important step in the coffee supply-chain process, thousands of chemical reactions occur to achieve the desired taste. Different beans require varying roasting considerations such as airflow, heat and drum speed in the roaster to produce different coffee profile characteristics.  

Where most companies have one goal in this process (mass produced, average coffee), we see our biggest value to you:

We promise that our coffee will be roasted to perfection because it’s what separates better coffee from the rest.

Finally, we package the freshly roasted coffee and ship it straight to you where you can grind the coffee and brew.