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Farmers: Shimekit Daba, AMUCC, BUGISU, and Valle Jalca Grande Committee
Locations: Ethiopia, Colombia, Uganda, Peru, and Nicaragua
Notes: Roasted Hazelnut, Molasses, Dark Chocolate
Feel: Big & Cozy
Roast level: Dark
Molasses being the most pronounced tasting note, this coffee is dark while keeping some sweetness. Sipi Falls, where this coffee is grown, is a mountain town with beautiful waterfalls cascading down cliffs into valleys filled with coffees. The cooler weather and shady environment make this a perfect coffee growing region.



Customer Reviews

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Michael Contis

Love waking up and drinking composer. Had trouble finding a dark roast I loved every morning, but composer did it! Thank you Gripps!

Orly Zamir
Gripps is fantastic!

I really enjoyed my experience with Gripps, from learning a bit about the coffee making process and how they are improving it on their website, to getting it shipped to my door and then really enjoying the taste! All around a fantastic experience! Thank you Gripps!!