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Farmers: BUGISU, Fazenda Beela Epoca, and Valle Jalca Grande Committee
Locations: Sipi, Mt. Elgon, Uganda. Ribeirão Corrente, São Paulo, Brazil. Chachapoyas, La Jalca, Peru.
Notes: Milk Chocolate, Strawberry, Almond
Feel: Rich & Sweet
Roast level: Medium
One of our favorites. Practitioner provides everything sweet that Uganda has to offer while pairing it with the nuttiness of South American coffees. Fazenda Beela Epoca, the farm that grows this coffee is owned by the Cunha family. The Cunha family are third-generation farmers who put environmental responsibility and sustainable ecosystems at the top of everything that they do. One of our juiciest coffees, this truly is joy in a cup.



Customer Reviews

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Joyce Pease
Practitioner Coffee

I LOVED THIS NEW ROAST!! Tastes delicious and smells fantastic!

Gary Hoover
My coffee journey has led me to a new favorite

I've kissed so many frogs (and a few really good princes) along the way, but all of it has made me a better judge of good coffee. Gripps has definitely upped its game with the new roasts, and Practitioner is a solid choice in a crowded competitive field. Try it. You won't regret it.